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He traveled through space and time to touch the star he longed to have

I just hit another 100 mark so I thought that even though I’ve only been here for 3 months, I should make a Follow Forever (◕‿◕✿) (The bold names are people that I’ve talked to whether it’s on or off Anon ^__^)

OhSehunnie1 | Wufabulous | WuKristina | ItsKpopFashion | ChanyeolIsMySexualFantasy | Exo-Body-Porn | Sweet-Kis | UnpopularKpop-Opinions | Byuns-Baekery | KatyFliesKites | KatyCeliaKolb | Wufanx | Zr-o |  StillNotDavid | Chanyeolsearwilltakeovertheworld | LukeBrooks | DaddyPar-k | Kaicecream | MiniFantasy | DailyExo | FY-Exo | EatYourKimchi |


Blogs that I’ve talked to more than once or twice & can identify them by their icons whenever I see them on my notifications:

| Ksie | Giyeomi  (Side note: I use Giyeomi’s blog sometimes to find photos to use for AFF ^^”


People from school:

| KatieFliesKites | JessiLovesColdplay | VivaciousTeenager


Finally, people who don’t belong on my blog:

DANTE. «««             

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