Pink Cherry -----

"Then why leave?"

"You want to know?"

"Oh, I'm just dying," Chanyeol said. He said it sarcastically as if he wasn't, but truth was, he really was dying to know why.

Baekhyun looked off for a second before laughing as he backed away towards the door. Then he looked at Chanyeol and shrugged. "I left because I knew that if I waited, I probably would've gone home with you that night."

I just hit another 100 mark so I thought that even though I’ve only been here for 3 months, I should make a Follow Forever (◕‿◕✿) (The bold names are people that I’ve talked to whether it’s on or off Anon ^__^)

OhSehunnie1 | Wufabulous | WuKristina | ItsKpopFashion | ChanyeolIsMySexualFantasy | Exo-Body-Porn | Sweet-Kis | UnpopularKpop-Opinions | Byuns-Baekery | KatyFliesKites | KatyCeliaKolb | Wufanx | Zr-o |  StillNotDavid | Chanyeolsearwilltakeovertheworld | LukeBrooks | DaddyPar-k | Kaicecream | MiniFantasy | DailyExo | FY-Exo | EatYourKimchi |


Blogs that I’ve talked to more than once or twice & can identify them by their icons whenever I see them on my notifications:

| Ksie | Giyeomi  (Side note: I use Giyeomi’s blog sometimes to find photos to use for AFF ^^”


People from school:

| KatieFliesKites | JessiLovesColdplay | VivaciousTeenager


Finally, people who don’t belong on my blog:

DANTE. «««             

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