Pink Cherry -----

"Then why leave?"

"You want to know?"

"Oh, I'm just dying," Chanyeol said. He said it sarcastically as if he wasn't, but truth was, he really was dying to know why.

Baekhyun looked off for a second before laughing as he backed away towards the door. Then he looked at Chanyeol and shrugged. "I left because I knew that if I waited, I probably would've gone home with you that night."

Anonymous whispered: I think baekhyun and chanyeol put on a show. Chanyeol does it all the time. He knows how everything works. So does bakehyun.

I feel like Chanyeol knows how to keep an image more than Baekhyun Baekhyun’s a title on the stupider side of things

Q: What does Baekyeol do in their spare time?

A: They play around! ;-)

Q: Chanyeol, what is your favorite position when you kiss baekhyun?”

A: Spider-Man style!

Anonymous whispered: do you have the full vid of the chanbaek sex gif?

nope. no one that i know of has the video and those who’ve seen it cant remmeber where they watched it 

Anonymous whispered: hahah im sorry but i think kyungsoo and the lead actors scene was like a couple scene hahah :))

HAHAHA no no but it did seem like so and every one jokingly ships them but ahh soo’s cute 

Anon: “Fara,can u make a fanart about preggo baek and his protective hubby???”

Anonymous whispered: Hi fara~ i LOL'd at your tweets to abscbn and starcinema but i don't think i'll appreciate your story if they ever appear on local tv or cinemas. They kind of ruin them in the process.. Hehe.. But either way, it will also be interesting to see gay love stories on philippine tv and cinemas. Hope they put the right actors. Actors as handsome and as gay as chanbaek! Hehehe... Your stories though, they're daebak! ;)

HAHAHHAH I KNOW I KNOW THEAT THEY’LL BUTCHER MY STORIES but im just jelly of that one author on wattpad that had her story » manga » movie otl im…


fefo-booom whispered: Fara, you're updating pic about your fics, and you make me feel like the worse person in this world bc I want to tell you to update your fics and I know that you are with school and college issues :C Why are you like this Fara? :c Siento ganas de llorar y tirarme de un puente de 15 metros de altura. Good luck in your studies issues ;C

huhuuu im only updating pics bci cant write at the moment ;;;;;;;;;;;; JE SUIS TRES SORRY JE NE SAIS PAS QUEST’CE TU AS PARLE et francais moi est mal

Anonymous whispered: Hi Fara! Have you read this manga? Kanojo ni Naru Hi :) mangahere (.) co/manga/kanojo _ ni _ naru _ hi/) It reminds me of ChanBaek. Hehehe :)

;asfj;lasdkjf;la i chcekd this out a while ago (i didnt reply to this message then tho otl sorry) and it looked interesting ;;; i bookmarked it and i like gender bdener (technically its gen bend right haha) thank you!

Anonymous whispered: [last anon] who fell in love to deep with NI and its characters, getting too emotionally attached to them, waiting for NI 2 updates (no pressure, i'm patient), drowning into your awesomeness, and I don't even know. Bye, fara. Have a good day.

lol its okay ;;;; i wont make it too sad anyways, its catastrophic and uuuh my friend and i still dont know how to fix it all but we’ll get there eventually !! thank u! 

Anonymous whispered: Do you know that gif of two guys that really looks like chanbaek having sex?

this one?

Anonymous whispered: What's your opinion on RV's future? I personally am not a fan of their debut song since I feel like it just puts the talents of the members to complete waste. I was expecting a song akin to what we've been seeing lately from their SM rookies videos, not some crayon poppy rainbow barf :S I feel bad for the girls since fx fans are going ballistic over their "poor unnis" and how they're so neglected by SM even though fx is still one of the top girl groups.

hahaha i dont like the song either and I WANT F(X) OVER THEM  but yeah… idk… if they get more success then f(x) then uhhh yeah. 

Anonymous whispered: LOL I agree. Even though the baekyeol episode in roommate was filmed before the dating shit broke out, I feel like Baek has been trying to increase baekyeol interactions since then just to win back the favor of his fans and make them forget about his scandals. I feel bad for yeol bc his interactions are genuine while Baek's interactions seem fake like he's just trying to put on a show for his fans :S


Anonymous whispered: but why don't you like baek anymore? :( is it because of his relationship with taeyeon?

i dont look at him the same way anymore

however i still love chanbaek 

and baeksoo

huuu my otpaaayyssss

just not that garbage can 

Anonymous whispered: Do you like red velvet? What do you think of the group? :)

mmm they’re okay. i didn’t like their music video and i didn’t like their song and i really dont fucking like their concept but i think they’re pretty and i wouldn’t mind being a fan if SM just did them and their talents right and not revert back to stupid girly concepts like ew we’re over that era they might as well be like crayon pop and bar bar bar