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mc: among 12 members in exo who would you date?..


Compiled unanswered asks. I hope some of the new followers could help, too! Thank youuuuuuuuuuuu <3 ?



i know we all make fun of kyungsoo’s airport fashion but homeboy is straight edge when it comes to his face. he never has on a face mask or sunglasses he aint fucking around he knows he’s hot shit no matter what he wears

This is one of the most true Kyungsoo facts


I need time for me, just me, no one else.


Rewind 92 / ∞


Rewind 92 / 
❝ Anonymous asked: Hai , i really love all your fics. i love to read something like drama and angst which is all your fic have. thanks~. XD. Btw, I like "Something Borrowed" please continue the story~. or it's gonna be oneshoot?? anyway.. please continue writing chanbaek stories. You are talented author-nim. :)

thank youuuuu yes alot of ppl are requesting for Something Borrowed and Extrovert  nowadays ;;;;;;; ill.. ill try 

❝ Anonymous asked: omg you're one of my fav fanfic writer bcs of all the baekyeol asdfghjkl ;u; hehe thank you for writing all these stories ;u; Have a great week ahead!! ^^


❝ Anonymous asked: Hi hi! Do you know any wolf yaoi mangas? I saw you recommending classic ones and was curious to see if you knew any werewolf ones :) thanks~

OTL no i dont kno w any wolf mangas ;;; i feel like ive read some but idk. its bee n a while. i might be confusing it with vampire mangas :I

❝ Anonymous asked: do u watch k-dramas?

the last kdrama that i watched…. was To The Beautiful You only bc my dad bought pirated kdramas from the philippines and it was the only one with decent quality and subs hahaha

but recently no. i dont have the time bc if im not doing homework, I’m writing bc i dont know. i feel the need to update my LJ often :> 

❝ Anonymous asked: Your stories make me so damn happy!!!! Except for 10080, it's beautiful but too sad man! Too sad~~

;o; /// thank you!!!!! ps 10080 wasnt eve nthat sad lols get outta here 

BaekLay in Disneyland 

BaekLay in Disneyland 

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